Bishan Park's man-made river is now home to at least one wild otter. This time-lapse video shows how river was created.

River took more than two years to build.

Belmont Lay| May 09, 02:24 AM

Bishan Park's canal that was turned into a naturalised and integrated river in March 2012, is now home to at least one exotic species of wildlife.

Even though it is man-made, a wild smooth-coated otter was spotted there on May 8, 2014.


Source: Poh Seng Lim


The conversion of the canal to a river, which took place from November 2009 to March 2012, was part of a S$76 million makeover of Bishan Park undertaken by water agency PUB and the National Parks Board. It was the first time a canal was turned into a river.

The purpose of the river is to serve as a flood plain to store excess storm water, increasing its capacity by 40 percent.


You can check out how the canal was turned into a river via a painstakingly compiled collage of photos:

Source: Brice Li


This is how the river looks like eventually:



You can watch the video here:

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