SCDF burns SAF with this photo of a SCDF recruit

Apply ice on burn area.

By Tan Xing Qi | January 7, 2016

A day after Basic Military Training Centre shared a photo of a hyper-realistic and relatable expression of a new recruit having what looked like his last good meal in three months, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) decided to poke the Singapore Armed Forces because why the heck not?

The photo of a happy new recruit was accompanied with this line, “In SCDF, our recruits look forward to being part of the Life Saving Force.”

The burn is strong with this one.


In SCDF, our recruits look forward to being part of the Life Saving Force. Here’s to a fulfilling National Service! 󾟲󾟳󾓦🇬 #ANationofLifesavers

Posted by Singapore Civil Defence Force on Thursday, 7 January 2016

In fact, SCDF decided to edit its post 20 plus minutes later to include an additional hashtag.


Despite not having Western food and ice cream, the contrast cannot be more different.


Yes, the SCDF photo might not be a true reflection of the recruit’s feelings. And yes, it’s a stretch to say that SCDF recruits look forward to serving the nation but at least SCDF applied some logic and common sense to the selection of photos.

Or like what many wise men say: “Wayang a bit lah.”

No wonder SCDF is winning at social media. Watch and learn, SAF.



Top photo via SCDF Facebook

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