To the Gen X folk, Low Thia Khiang did a Jerry Maguire at WP's Punggol East rally

To the Millennials, he did a Rihanna.

Tan Xing Qi| September 06, 10:56 AM

Workers' Party Sec-Gen Low Thia Khiang put on his best Jerry Maguire impression to refute Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean and Punggol East candidate Charles Chong at the party's Punggol East rally on Sep. 5.

Holding up a printout of the accounts of Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council, the Aljunied GRC candidate showed the crowd that there was a deficit of more than $280,000 when it merged with WP's constituencies to form Aljunied Hougang Punggol East town council (AHPETC) back in 2013.

WP won Punggol East SMC in a by-election in that year.

IMG_5374 Photo by Christopher Wong

Everyone was like "what...?" when he pulled out a piece of paper.

ltk printout

Here's a closer look:

IE-PE-1-30-April-2013 Source

Then we were like, "what?!" when he did a Jerry Maguire in Mandarin:

"I want the PAP to respond to the WP and residents of Punggol East: Where is the money??"

ltk where is the money


Same same.

jerry maguire


Ok, you millennials don't get the 90s Tom Cruise reference. Here's something closer to your hipster heart.

bitch better have my money


Just last month, DPM Teo said that Punggol East had been “handed over (to WP) in good order, with surpluses”. Chong also told Lianhe Zaobao in August that Punggol East SMC had a surplus of $1 million before handing over to WP.

Check out Low's epic smackdown here:


href="">工人党刘程强:榜鹅东交接时亏损28万元 钱去了哪里9月5日【工人党竞选集会】工人党 The Workers' Party 阿裕尼集选区候选人、秘书长刘程强说:”我现在手上拿的,就是榜鹅东2013年经过审计过的账目表。这个报表显示,在交接时,榜鹅东亏损28万元,不是100万的盈余。我问他们,钱去了哪里,我们要他们回答。他们是恶人先告状。” #GE2015

Posted by 8频道新闻新加坡 Channel 8 news on Saturday, 5 September 2015

Pasir Ris-Punggol incumbent candidate and previous chairman of the Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council Zainal Sapari, whose signature was on that piece of paper, posted this on Facebook today.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 10.22.34 am

In a nutshell, according to Zainal, there was an accumulated routine fund surplus of $804,945 for Punggol East SMC as of Mar 31, 2012, the last full-year audited accounts before the by-election.

And there was an actual net surplus of $21,363.

Wait a minute. Didn't Charles Chong say it was $1 million? Or is he going to say he can't tell his $804,945 from his $1 million?


Top photo screenshot from video.

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