PAP wins Mountbatten SMC

PAP: 71.84% SPP: 28.16%

By Nyi Nyi Thet | September 12, 2015

With a winning percentage of 71.84%, PAP’s Lim Biow Chuan recaptured Mountbatten SMC.

In case you haven’t been following Mountbatten’s race, and you probably haven’t, here’s everything you need to know about the duel for Mountbatten.

The two candidates for the seat were incumbent, Lim Biow Chuan from the PAP and the challenger, Jeannette Chng-Aruldoss from SPP.

And without further ado, here’s your new MP for Mountbatten SMC

Name: Lim Biow Chuan

Age: 52
Profession: Lawyer
Terms in parliament: 2, one as a member of the Marine Parade GRC and the other as MP for Mountbatten

What does this outcome mean?

This election: 71.84%
Last election: 58.62%

This election: 28.16%
Last election: 41.38 (under NSP)

What does this result mean?

Lim Biow Chuan becomes a 3-term MP and embarks on his second term at Mountbatten. He has defeated Jeannette for the 2nd election in a row and widened the margin from his 2011 election to 71.84%.  It is back to the drawing board again for Chong-Aruldoss. Will she go for it again in the next election after this heavy defeat?

He said, she said

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a sound? According to the quotes coming out of Mountbatten, yes it does.

Lim Biow Chuan (PAP)

One of the chief issues raised by Lim Biow Chuan has been the state of education in Singapore, calling for a change in focus in the education system.

“We have to place less emphasis on academic performance and to stress the importance of character values in education.”

Lim also acknowledged that he wasn’t as academically accomplished as his scholar colleagues but claimed there were intangibles that goes into what makes a good politician.

“You can be very smart, but if you have no character values, something is missing.”

Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss (SPP)

A notable issue raised by Jeannette during the elections has been the growing income disparity in Singapore.

“There is a widening gap between the haves and the have nots in our society”

Her core message focuses on the widening gap between different segments of Singapore, and the impact that would have on poorer Singaporeans.

“There is a gap between aspirations of Singaporeans and the reality of poor social mobility.”

Members of her party have also been effusive in their praise, with Lina Chiam stating she would be a “Tigress” in parliament.


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