SG50 fish cake means consumers actually get less fish cake per fish cake

Simi sai also SG50.

Belmont Lay| July 26, 02:48 PM

Okay this really takes the cake.

In a bid to outdo everybody, local food producer Ballgus has decided to do the unimaginable: Manufacture fish cakes with the number "50" carved out of it it to celebrate SG50.


This SG50 fish cake weighs 65g, but was probably originally 100g -- because obviously owing to the misshapen number "50" cut out of it, the fish cake is not representative of "value-for-money".

Did making this fish cake mean that the manufacturer needed to make another machine and mould specially just to cut "50" out of the fish cakes? And what happens to the fish cake that gets cut out?

Just so you know: A 250g packet of fish cake originally costs S$1.35.

If you know how much this limited edition SG50 fish cake costs, do let us know, so we can do a proper value-for-money price comparison.


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