Pastor Lawrence Khong: 'We will wear white until the pink is gone'

Faith Community Baptist Church takes oppositional stance against Pink Dot movement.

Ng Yi Shu| Kintan Andanari| June 14, 09:48 PM

Parishioners of the Wear White pro-family movement gathered at Faith Community Baptist Church's two locations this Pink Dot weekend decked out mainly in white attire.

The morning sermon on Sunday, June 14, 2015, comes a day after the Pink Dot 2015 event held at Hong Lim Park on Saturday saw an estimated 28,000 in attendance.

Khong, who rallied his parishioners to wear white through the church’s Facebook page on June 12, fanned the parishioners’ spirits during the service.

happy and proud to see my FCBC family wear white today at both Suntec and Marine Parade as a reflection of our stand...

Posted by Lawrence Khong (FCBC) on Saturday, June 13, 2015

Lawrence Khong's views on homosexuality in his sermon

“I want to pray that we will continue to wear white as long as there is pink, and we will wear white until the pink is gone, and even if the pink is gone we will continue to wear white,” Khong said.

Khong added: “My prayer, my dream is that the day will come where in this weekend half or three-quarters of Singapore’s population will be wearing white as a statement of commitment to the family.”

In his sermon, he decried the “homosexual act” as “the greatest blasphemy against the name of God” and said that "a union between a man and woman is the highest expression of the very image of God".

“I’m concerned about the moral majority, people who are Christians especially, who believe that it’s wrong, but who (are) just too cowardly to stand up and make a statement," he added.

Khong also said that he was not speaking against people, but against an "ideology" -- which was, according to him, a deception.

“This is not a small matter -- it is a global challenge,” Khong added, citing US President Obama’s declaration that June would be LGBT Pride Month as an example.


To reaffirm the parishioners commitment to the family unit, his sermon was culminated with the recitation of the Family Pledge by senior pastor Nina Khong.

The Family Pledge was first introduced by the National Family Council last year, and aimed to encourage good family practices.

the National Family Pledge:We, the people of Singapore, pledge to build strong and happy families. We affirm...

Posted by Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC), Singapore on Sunday, June 14, 2015



Pastors of the FCBC also announced special offers for Khong’s VISION performance show during the sermon -- offering an “Illusion to Reality” buy-2-get-2-free offer for Category 2 tickets to the senior pastor’s magic show.

A group of Muslims first kick-started the Wear White movement last year to protest against Pink Dot.

Spearheaded by religious teacher Ustaz Noor Deros, Wear White made headlines when several churches joined, including FCBC, which is part of the LoveSingapore network of churches.

The movement led to responses from several religious organisations as well as ministers who called on Singaporeans to "accommodate differences" and exercise balance and restraint.

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