MDA took 2 months to decide they are not going to rate this Pink Dot promo video meant for cinema screens

MDA takes a position by not taking a position. Fence-sitting FTW.

Belmont Lay| June 13, 09:37 PM

[Update: June.14, 0010hrs]: An MDA spokesperson said that MDA had received Cathay Organisation's application to screen a Pink Dot 2015 promotional trailer in its cinemas, on May 12, 2015.

In what could pass off as procrastination on a national scale or even the best fence-sitting move in the history of fence-sitting moves, the Media Development Authority (MDA) put off the decision to rate a Pink Dot 2015 promotional video similar to the one below, until one day before Pink Dot was supposed to be held.

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In a press release put out by Pink Dot Sg, it was revealed that a 15-second pre-event advertisement that was meant to be screened in cinemas a few weeks before Pink Dot 2015 on June 13, 2015, was refused a rating by the MDA.

The decision not to rate the promo video was apparently only conveyed to the Pink Dot organiser on Friday, June 12, after a two-month wait.

The MDA cited the reason that “it is not in the public interest to allow cinema halls to carry advertising on LGBT issues, whether they are advocating for the cause, or against the cause.”

This move by the MDA, Pink Dot organiser said in their press release, was tantamount to "effectively banning it".

Not that the lack of publicity matters.

Pink Dot 2015 was attended by more than 28,000, according to the same press release.


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