30 regional babes and hunks of SEA Games 2015 who will make you bookmark their events to watch them compete

That's why we love the SEA Games.

Tan Xing Qi| June 11, 12:03 PM

If you think that the hottest athletes of the 28th SEA Games are only from among the ranks of Team Singapore, you are Jon Snow.



We'd now like to introduce the sizzling hot hunks and babes from the other contingents.

You are welcome.


1. Kanyavee Maneesombatkul from Thailand - Archery



2. Benjamas Poonpat from Thailand - Sailing

POONPAT Benjamas babes Source


3. Quy Phuoc Hoang from Vietnam - Swimming

Quy Phuoc Hoang vietnam hunk


4. Chanboramey Ngoun from Cambodia - Sepak Takraw 

NGOUN Chanboramey babes Source


5. Francis Casey Alcantara from Philippines - Tennis

Francis Casey Alcantara philippines hunks Source


6. Thidasavanh Sotthachit from Laos - Taekwondo

SOTTHACHIT Thidasavanh babes Source


7. Celina Gabrielle Gavieta from Philippines- Equestrian

Celina Gabrielle Gavieta philippines babes Source


8. Aldrich McKirdy from Philippines - Swimming

Source Source


9. Elizabeth Ann Jordana from Philippines - Swimming

Source Source


10. Jasmine Alkhaldi from Philippines - Swimming

Jasmine Alkhaldi philippines babes Source


11. Farah Ann Abdul Hadi from Malaysia - Gymnastics

farah ann abdul hadi gym malaysia babes Source


12. Rartchawat Kaewpanya from Thailand - Gymnastics

KAEWPANYA Rartchawat gym hunks Source


13. Que Ngoc Hai from Vietnam - Football

que ngoc hai viet hunks Source


14. Mac Hong Quan from Vietnam - football

mac hong quan Source


15. Syaidatul Afifah from Malaysia - Bowling

syaidatul afifah babes Source


16. Katharina Lehnert from Philippines - Tennis

katharina lehnert Source


17. Kanokpan Suansan from Thailand - Canoeing

kanokpan suansan Source


18. Shirmar Felongco from Philippines - Football

shirmar felongco Source


19. Aghniny Haque from Indonesia - Taekwondo

AGHNINY HAQUE Aghniny Haque babes Source

20. Weeraya Rosendahl from Thailand - Waterski

ROSENDAHL Weeraya  babes Source


21. Alex Yoong from Malaysia - Waterski

Also a former Formula 1 driver, whom you'll sometimes see on TV live-commenting on the races. (Don't say we bojio.)

Source Source


22. Pham Phuoc Hung from Vietnam - Gymnastics

pham phuoc hung Source


23. Porranot Purahong from Thailand - Athletics (Pole Vault)

porranot purahong Source


24. Naya Reswari from Indonesia - Softball

RESWARI Naya babes Source


25. Thanapan Saisud from Thailand - Softball

Thanapan saisud babes Source


26. Nitchaon Jindapol from Thailand - Badminton

JINDAPOL Nitchaon  babes Source


27. Faiq Bolkiah from Brunei - Football

bolkiah featured pix Source: Weixiang Lim

28. Sirawalai Starrat from Thailand - Fencing

STARRAT Sirawalai babes Source


29. Diananda Choirunisa from Indonesia - Archery

CHOIRUNISA Diananda babes Source


30. Dellie Threesyadinda from Indonesia - Archery



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