Someone used photoshop to switch celebrity faces at Star Awards and the results are absurdly entertaining

That's some epic Face/Off action there.

Jonathan Lim| May 02, 12:18 PM

Hardwarezone user TampinesBoy started a thread - [gpgt] If things turn around... - which had photographs of MediaCorp celebrities walking the red carpet.

The twist was that all their faces have been swapped with other artistes. The results range from absurd to surprisingly good.

You may want to stop eating before carrying on.

This is Hardwarezone's most-memed celebrity:

huang biren

No idea who that is? Here's an older classic:



We have to say, Joanne Peh makes a very handsome man.

joanne peh


Pierre Png should never dress in drag. Not even if he had Rui En's figure.

Pierre Png


Not sure if it's Terence Cao or Roy Loi/Li Feihui.

terence cao


Is that Xu Bin and Shane Pow? Can we have Vivian Lai (right one) back please? You can keep Jeanette.

xu bin


This hairstyle suits Yao Wen Long surprisingly well. Cynthia Koh looks good in a suit as well.

yao wen long


Who else would you like face-swapped? Leave it in the comments below and maybe TampinesBoy can oblige you.