Reform Party chief shows off his photoshop skills with an unbearable photo

Let's cover our eyes with our bear hands.

Martino Tan | May 2, 2015 @ 10:39 am

The Reform Party chief, Kenneth Jeyaretnam, has been trying to win the Interwebz lately.

For instance, the former hedge fund manager announced the passing of first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew five days early.

Source: Kenneth Jeyaretnam Facebook


On May Day yesterday, the son of the late opposition MP J. B. Jeyaretnam decided to post this photo on his Twitter account.


The image superimposed the portraits of the late Prime Minister and teenage Amos Yee on two bears having a good time, with ex Straits Times editor Bertha Henson about to slap Yee.

How is this image relevant to his argument that Singapore has no rule of law?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Kennth’s main argument was that Yee was prosecuted for his remarks, but not the late Lee Kuan Yew for his remarks about Singapore minorities. Therefore, Kenneth concluded that Singapore has no rule of law.

On Yee’s transmitting an obscene image, Kenneth felt that it was absurd for Yee to be charged because the image was sedate and “no genitalia were shown”:

“The charge of transmitting an obscene image is also absurd when the figures were abstract. No genitalia were shown. In fact the image was more sedate than the ones most people would encounter in any art gallery and were considerably less sexual than most of the images seen daily by people of all ages on television and the Internet. To prosecute Amos for this makes Singapore a laughing stock internationally. Furthermore to prosecute a child for transmitting obscene images is hypocritical when Singapore fails to monitor paedophiles adequately and protect children from sexual exploitation”.

But a majority of the Forum users from Hardwarezone forum, known for its authentic and anti-establishment views, disagree with his use of the image:

1. You can almost feel the pain and embarrassment of a forumer:


2. They compared him unfavorably to his father.



3. They questioned his maturity. 


For those who are curious, Kenneth is 55-56 years old. 

4. They assume someone from Cambridge University will have a better sense of humour.


Yes, Kenneth read economics at Queens’ College, Cambridge University, and graduated with Double First Class Honours.

5. They even thought that his Twitter account was hacked.



Except that the Reform Party also posted the same photo.


Top photo from Kenneth Jeyaratnam’s Twitter account

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