Amos Yee writes 6,000-word blog post explaining why he wants youth counsellor Vincent Law to lose his job

This post could really get him sued.

Belmont Lay| May 16, 03:12 AM

About 24 hours after Amos Yee posted a sarcastic appeal asking for forgiveness on Facebook on May 15, 2015, he has come out to explain that he was trolling yet again and was never “extremely remorseful” for his allegations of molest against his ex-bailor Vincent Law.


I lied, again… I wasn’t really going to tender an apology to Vincent. Seriously… ‘praise Jesus’? ‘Our holy christ’...

Posted by Amos Yee on Friday, May 15, 2015


The lengthy blog post, clocking in at more than 6,000 words, supposedly presents the 16-year-old's side of the story detailing his encounter with Law, a 51-year-old Christian youth counsellor -- how they met (Answer: Via someone else's recommendation), how Law ended up his bailor (Answer: Circumstances) and why he refused to adhere to the conditions of the bond (Answer: As a form of revenge on Law) -- among other things that cannot be repeated here as they are potentially libellous.

However, according to Amos, the meeting between Law and him barely got off to a neutral start from the beginning and only went downhill from then on.

Paradoxically, what Amos has written serves as an outright denial and clarification that Law had never ever "molested" him, but the message is, nevertheless, controversial and -- we repeat -- potentially libellous and ruinous, as it calls into question the professionalism of a practising counsellor.

Here is a sampling of Amos' conclusion at the end of his post that makes the point about not having been physically molested clear:

Revenge is indeed a dish best served cold. And after my little accusation of molest, all is well and good. It was an ingredient to effectively troll the media, I managed to publicly humiliate Vincent, and after this incident he has decided to wash his hands off me and that means, I will never see or talk to him again (At least I hope).

We will update this story with Law's response as and when it is available.


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