Republic of Singapore Navy just put out the ultimate recruitment bait video

Before you sign on, just think about how you need to go for Remedial Training when you fail annual IPPT.

Belmont Lay| April 06, 02:41 PM


This is Military Expert 1 Clarie Teo. She signed on with the Republic of Singapore Navy.

Her job is to keep the engine room on board the ship going.

She also takes part in fire-fighting and damage control.

She joined the Navy because she was looking for an adventurous job, the sea, the sun and to travel around the world.

She likes sports and she loves to sing. She can play the guitar

She is, therefore, fantabulous and she is going to win your heart. So that you will also sign on to the Navy.


Click the video at your own peril. Read more about her here. Because you will be head over heels by the end of it.

For your convenience, here is the link to the Navy career website.

Who knows, you might be on the next boat with her. Fire-fighting. Together.