Amos Yee breaks bond terms by posting online, blogs about his father being abusive

Not sure whether his bailor will be losing his $20,000 bail money.

Jonathan Lim | April 30, 2015 @ 11:18 am

Amos Yee who is out on bail has gone on social media at around 5.00 am on April 30 to post multiple Facebook updates and uploaded at least two blog posts.

Yee’s current bail includes a condition that he will not post, upload or otherwise distribute any comment or content, whether directly or indirectly, to any social media or online service or website, while the current case against him is ongoing.

Two Blog posts

The first of two blog posts, titled My Abusive Father, described an altercation Yee had with his father over the choice of clothing he would wear to his first court session. Yee had wanted to wear pyjamas initially, while his father wanted Yee to wear ‘more formal’ clothing to look presentable to the judge.

Amos Yee 5 am 11

Yee charged that his father turned violent on him and slammed his head against a table and the floor.

Amos Yee 5 am 12

The second blog post, titled The Ridiculous Terms of My Bail, described Yee’s bail terms. One of which was to report to the Investigating Officer Jason Chua at the Bedok Police Station every day at 9 a.m.

In the post, Yee said, “they are saying that if I do not meet Jason Chua for 1 morning, I deserve to be sentenced for 8 months in prison and be fined $20000.”

Facebook postings

Prior to sharing the two blog posts, Yee had first changed his Facebook Page’s display picture, which was then followed by a stream of 10 updates, including sharing the two blog posts:

Amos Yee 5 am 1


This was the first written post:Amos Yee 5 am 2-1


Following which, he questioned why he was ordered to make his YouTube video private, even though he was not found guilty:Amos Yee 5 am 3-1


He questioned whether the individual who threatened to harm him would be charged:Amos Yee 5 am 4-1


He corrected a Channel 8 news anchor for mispronouncing his Chinese name and shared the meaning behind his name:Amos Yee 5 am 5-1


Yee questioned what constituted contravening his bail conditions on not posting anything on social media:

Amos Yee 5 am 6-1Amos Yee 5 am 7-1

He argued that meeting the IO at Bedok Police Station disrupted his sleep patterns:

Amos Yee 5 am 8-1


He talks about items the police confiscated from him:Amos Yee 5 am 9


He shared some choice words for the prosecutor, judge and IO:

Amos Yee 5 am 10-1


It is not known whether Yee’s bailor will be forfeiting $20,000 after Yee’s postings.

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