Sir David Attenborough to narrate two-part documentary on S'pore wildlife, Channel News Asia finally reveals

This was after the legendary naturalist said he cannot stand two-part documentaries in late 2014.

Belmont Lay| March 02, 10:40 PM

Sir David Attenborough, the man who anthropomorphises animals, has lent his trademark voice to a two-episode documentary produced by Channel News Asia, the broadcaster revealed on March 2, 2015, after keeping information about its production under wraps or very low key.

Here's a trailer uploaded on Nov. 25, 2014, sans Sir Attenborough's voice, which has accumulated only 59 views:

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Filmed over a year, the two-episode Wild City is the channel's first documentary on wildlife in Singapore and was produced as part of CNA's slate of Singapore-made documentaries in celebration of the nation's golden jubilee this year.

The first episode will feature the wildlife found in and around the urban sprawl in Singapore, such as wild otters spotted at Marina Reservoir.

The second episode will take viewers to some of Singapore's hidden wildlife spots.

The first episode of Wild City will air on March 15, 8pm on CNA, while the second episode will be screened on March 22, 8pm.

This news is somewhat ironic given that Sir Attenborough complained in late 2014 about how audiences and broadcasters back in Europe no longer have the appetite for in-depth factual TV documentaries about natural history that span as many as 13 weeks.

Instead, "he said most documentaries were now usually two or three episodes in length at the most, which was not enough to 'deal with something properly'."

But given Singapore's small size, two episodes might have been more than enough time to deal with the footage.


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