15,000 tickets sold for music festival that has not gotten licence approval

One week to the show and festival still has no public entertainment licence.

Jonathan Lim| March 05, 02:19 PM

The Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) 2015 is supposed to be held on 13 - 14 March in Sentosa, but the festival may have to be cancelled if it does not receive police approval for a public entertainment licence.

The organiser of the festival, The Livescape Group, submitted an application for a public entertainment licence twice - on Jan 12 and Feb 16 and was rejected both times.

It is believed that the possibility of drug abuse at the event is the reason for rejection. The Livescape Group has submitted an appeal to the Minister for Home Affairs Teo Chee Hean on Mar 3.

The Livescape Group made an announcement last night via the FMFA Facebook page and said that no final decision has been made as yet and urged FMFA fans to stay calm:

The organisers have also started a hashtag movement "#KeepFMFAAlive" on its Facebook page. Several users on the FMFA Facebook page have also expressed their disappointment of possibly missing out on the festival, others questioned why similar festivals such as Zoukout can be given the green light but not FMFA.

In 2014, FMFA was held in Kuala Lumpur and the three-day festival had to cancel its third day due to six drug-related deaths that occurred on the second night of the festival.

The six deaths were believed to have been methamphetamine overdoses while two Singaporean and a Malaysian had to be hospitalised. 19 festival-goers, including 12 foreigners from Australia, Singapore and Indonesia, and seven locals were arrested for possession of drugs during the two-day concert.

Top photo from FMFA Facebook