Lawyer M Ravi says Roy Ngerng is "too impulsive" to be on his GE team

And Ravi chose blogger and activist Han Hui Hui instead.

Martino Tan| February 05, 04:02 PM

Human rights lawyer M Ravi told the press on Monday (Feb 2) that he intended to contest the next General Election (GE) as an independent candidate in the Ang Mo Kio constituency.

Within a few days, Ravi has cobbled together a GRC team made up of blogger Han Hui Hui and two of his legal interns Charles Yeo and Liew Zheng Yang.

But there was no place for his client Roy Ngerng, the CPF blogger who was sued by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for his defamatory blog posts.

Why so? Ravi, who represents Ngerng in the defamation suit, told the Straits Times that Ngerng was "too impulsive".

I'm not sure about you, but Ngerng is mild compared to Han.

1. Ngerng, not Han, had apologised to the special needs children for disrupting the charity event at Hong Lim Park

Last September, Ngerng, Han and other activists were in the news for disrupting a charity event in Hong Lim Park organised by the YMCA.

Ngerng apologised for the stress that he caused to the children and admitted that he had made some mistakes regarding the whole incident. He had also written to YMCA to request for an opportunity to meet with the children.

Han on the other hand accused the government, the ruling party and even the YMCA for causing her to react the way she did.

2. Han has several direct run-ins with authorities. 

While Han had several direct confrontations with the authorities, Ngerng so far had none.

When Han was called up for questioning by the authorities, she criticised the police for visiting her home at midnight, for questioning her for more than 7 hours, for denying her food, and for preventing her from leaving for dinner.

She also had a heated exchange with the the NParks officer and the police, when NParks wanted to revoke her permit to conduct the protest march and speak at the park.


Anyway, below are five key takeaways from M Ravi about his GE bid: 

1. His electoral campaign will focus on seeing Singaporeans “being put first”.

2. He chose to run in PM Lee’s Ang Mo Kio constituency because he has a quarter of his relatives living there.

3. He called for the four official languages — Malay, English, Mandarin and Tamil — to be made compulsory in school curriculum to “promote equality in the languages”.

4. He has set aside S$1 million for his campaign.

5. He aspires to become the Prime Minister one day.


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