This is not a paid advertorial. BreadTalk is really trolling Mothership.

It has come to this: I can finally announce to everybody that I am really talking to BreadTalk.

By Belmont Lay | January 30, 2015

So, published an article collating all the bad Chinese New Year puns revolving around the Year of the Goat theme:


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According to our writer Jacquueline Wong, local purveyors of baked flour stuff BreadTalk was the obvious winner by letting their creativity run amok and coming up with the corniest puns:





And then this happened:


In response to our article and without anyone goading them on (<---an almost-pun there), BreadTalk pushed out a marketing campaign where they are inviting anyone to come up with even more corny puns. The three best goat puns will stand to win some pineapple tarts. We must add that this is not a paid advertorial. But we would really like to carry on with this conversation because how many people out there can proclaim they had a chance to talk to BreadTalk? Otherwise, wouldn't we be very kopitiam? (Diam? Get it? <--- Pun courtesy of editor Tan Xing Qi)

In fact, we don’t even know what to feel about this.

Maybe we feel a bit sheepish. And look a bit lamb-faced.

But hey, feel free to participate. Whatever gets your goat.


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