Laneway hipsters cheesed PM Lee Hsien Loong off by making a mess out of Gardens By The Bay

Hipsters have done it again, this time annoying the prime minister himself.

By Belmont Lay | January 28, 2015

Hipsters, who have been annoying the average mainstream person with their antics, has successfully cheesed off the prime minister of Singapore.

Writing on his Facebook page about how Singapore needs to “progress from being a cleaned city to a truly clean city”, PM Lee Hsien Loong appeared suitably miffed that Singapore’s most expensive public park was turned into a landfill of rubbish at the end of the St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival Singapore held at The Meadow at Gardens By The Bay on Jan. 24, 2015.

Holding up Burmese sports fans who were seen picking up litter at the National Stadium after their team lost to Singapore at an AFF Suzuki Cup match as positive examples, PM Lee wrote: “All of us can play a part – picking up our own litter, educating our children and grandchildren, and reminding others to do the right thing.”


Reactions to his Facebook post were predictable:

“Hipsters are too cool to clean up after themselves.”

“Myanmar rules.”

“Thank you PM Lee.”


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