13 super boh liao questions S’poreans never wondered about

Until now.

He Ruiming | January 22, 2015 @ 02:04 pm


1. Why do some police vehicles have a “G” license plate? 

The “G” stands for “Goods.” Goods as in the kind that you sell in a market. Mere products and soulless commodities. Does that mean the prisoners sitting in them have lost their right to be human because of their offences? (G does not stand for GEEP, btw.)




2. How many Singaporeans does it take to change a light bulb? 


A: “I don’t know leh, will this come out in the exam?”


3. How are the expressways in Singapore given their acronyms? (Why is the Ayer-Rajah Expressway AYE and not ARE? )


That’s because the acronym for expressways is derived from the first letter of the first two syllables, followed by the first letter of the last word.

Here’s the logic behind it:

ECP: East (1 syllable) Coast (1 syllable) Parkway (2 syllables):
E (1st letter of 1st syllable), C (1st letter of 2nd syllable) and P (1st letter of last word)

CTE: Central (2 syllables) Expressway (3 syllables):
C (1st letter of 1st syllable), T (1st letter of 2nd syllable) and E (1st letter of last word)

BKE: Bukit (2 syllables) Timah (2 syllables) Expressway (3 syllables):
B (1st letter of 1st syllable), K (1st letter of 2nd syllable) and E (1st letter of last word)

PIE: Pan (1 syllable) Island (2 syllables) Expressway (3 syllables):
P (1st letter of 1st syllable), I (1st letter of 2nd syllable) and E (1st letter of last word)

AYE: Ayer (2 syllables) Rajah (2 syllables) Expressway (3 syllables):
A (1st letter of 1st syllable), Y (1st letter of 2nd syllable) and E (1st letter of last word)

Read more about expressways (including the MCE and KPE) here.


4. Why does the left escalator at City Hall MRT (going up to Raffles City) move faster than the right one?

Watch as we blitz this hapless guy. Now you know how to save a few seconds everyday. #win


5. Who has the most unusual name in Singapore?

This is a tough one. After much thought, I narrowed it down to the following:

Atomic Leow 


This man that has a somewhat ominous name.

Batman bin Suparman

Singapore’s very own anti-anti-hero.


Chew Shit Fun 

An esteemed professor at NIE (National Institute of Education). She has taken research interest in mudflats.


Foo Mee Har

MP Foo Mee Har is reportedly known for her ability to spot dishonesty from miles way. Till this very day, no swindler, crook or car salesman has yet to get the better of her. True story.


Foo Kum Kok

Here’s how a tweet puts it. His words. Not mine.


6. Which bus service bus captain is the most shagged because he/ she has to drive the longest route in Singapore?

Is it 61 (Bukit Batok to Eunos), 30 (Bedok to Boon Lay), or 51 (Hougang to Jurong East)?



37.7 km (Hougang to Jurong East) + 35.9 (Jurong East to Hougang) = 73.6



37.8 x 2 = 75.6 (Winner!)



38.8 (Bukit Batok to Eunos) + 35.7 (Eunos to Bukit Batok) = 74.5

Bus 30 is the longest.

Don’t believe us? Calculate it here.


7. How cool was LKY last time?

It might be hard to believe so, but yes, the founding father of Singapore was, like us, young once. Here are pictures to prove it:

LKY young 1

(Yes, that’s him in black)

LKY young 2


8. What is the main cause of death in Singapore?


The big C, cancer. Specifically, Colorectum cancer for men (ironically known as Rich Man’s disease) and breast cancer for women.

Find out more here.


9. Did Sang Nila Utama really see a lion? Can throwing a crown overboard really stop a raging storm? 

a) Contrary to popular belief, there are lions in Asia as well. This species of lion is known as the Asiatic Lion, as opposed to the African Lion most people are familiar with. However, these lions have never lived in Singapore. He most likely saw a tiger, which is harimau in Malay.



So, perhaps our country should be called Harimaupore, not Singapore. 

b) In an 2015 experiment conducted by Mothership, it was found that the throwing of a Burger King Crown into the Singapore Strait did not in any way affect the weather or the stability of the vessel they were in. An actual crown filled with actual jewels was unavailable for testing.

Said Burger King Crown was later retrieved from the Singapore Strait, so as not to flout the Prevention of Pollution of the Sea Act.

BK CrownSource


10. Why are the CPT epaulettes on missing recently found Hatched eatery owner Gerald Tan reversed? 

Gerald TanSource

I know of at least one sergeant major that would be displeased.


11. What ever happened to Ah Boy from that Kids Central show: Ubin boy? 


What the show was about: Classic city-kid meets old-school country boy in this tale that takes place almost entirely on Pulau Ubin. A strange mix between LOST(2005) and Blues Clues.

Coeway actually went on to star in several productions. This included a telemovie called  ‘童心’ that was filmed in Ipoh and even appeared in 80’s Rewind alongside Gurmit Singh. Unbeknownst to us, we actually featured him in our article as reason 44 on 48 reasons why you still feel for Singapore.  Then, he sang for free food.

guy-sings-for-food-02 guy-sings-for-food-01

What’s he up to now:  While currently studying Medicine in NUS, Coeway is also trying to experiment with music to “push his boundaries and see what he can do. He released a new music video last month. Check out his YouTube channel here.


12. What’s that name of that lizard you see climbing on trees? 

changeable lizardSource

This is the Changeable Lizard, also known to the scientific community as the Calotes Versicolor. Nope, it’s not a “Chameleon”.

This is a chameleon. This creature is also introduced to Singapore, and has bested the native Green Crested Lizard.


13. Does STOMP really give out $50 for every single story they publish? 

A source in SPH was insistent that STOMP doesn’t do so. But even if STOMP did, for the love of god, stop taking those god damn pictures. We’re so tired of these type of stories.


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