11 types of Poly students back in the Y2K

We all had a biker friend.

Tan Xing Qi| December 18, 03:03 PM

Polytechnic life back in the Y2k was a blast. Ponteng (skip class), smoking up bus stops, billiards, LAN gaming and more. It was, simply put, quite heavenly.

It was probably made even more memorable by the following 11 types of polytechnic students.


1. The bikers

bikers helmets

These were no Sons of Anarchy bikers. Helmets in hands, these motley crew of bikers walked around as if they ruled the polytechnic. And these helmets not only protected them while executing half-baked wheelies - the bikers used them to chope seats at crowded canteens.


2. The right out of bed kids


These students acted as if they were staying just beside the polytechnic while in fact, they were probably living on the other side of the island. Their modus operandi? Dragged their slippers to school while wearing a No Fear tee with bermudas and pretending that the hard cover plastic file was a bag.


3. The dress ups

RP dress ups


rp dress ups 2


Fashion show every day. Pattern more than badminton.A recurring phenomenon, these are mostly year 1s who couldn't wait to show off their wardrobe after 10 years of primary and secondary school life. Wait till they hit year 3.


4. The techno siaos


With tunes blasting out of their CD/MD players, you could hear the reverberations left by them two lectures ago. These audiophiles were so addicted to the techno beats, they had to stay plug in even during a five minute toilet break. Likely to be deaf by 40.


5. The library kids


Studious? Not really. Air con and a wide range of DVDs were, more often than not, the main draw for these students. Some even used the library as a hotel: going for a quick shuteye before the next three-hour lecture.


6. The people watcher

sibeh chio

These guys had no code and didn't bother to be tactical. They hanged out at canteens populated by the most number of girls and ogled openly and immediately felt full after that. Usually engineering students.


7. The billiard king


The quintessential billiard king could go to school without textbooks, bags or brains But they would never be spotted without a two-piece billiard cue slung over their shoulders at all times. Favourite phrase: "Wanna play punch? (loser pays for the table fee)"


8. The chiongster


Seeing them in morning classes were as rare as witnessing the miracle of a fully grown football pitch in the National Stadium.


9. The LAN gamer


The only subjects they actually paid attention to were Counterstrike and DOTA. Dozing off in class was the norm after all the hardcore gaming for the last 36 hours.


10. The dragonboaters


Buffed beyond recognition, these dragonboaters hogged the gym like it was their birth right to not wipe down after themselves. Physically imposing and had no patience for slow pullers of the chin up bar.


11. The smokers


Responsible for turning bus stops into smoky clubs, these human chimneys had no qualms lighting up and blowing smoke to their non-smoker friends' faces.


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