Meiji40SG app will make a 3D panda bear appear when it detects any Hello Panda logo


Belmont Lay| November 25, 04:34 PM

Here's a 5-minute cheap thrill to make your life more exciting since it is three more days to Friday.

Download the Meiji40SG app from Google Play or the App Store. Open the Fun Panda function in the app. Point camera at any Hello Panda logo. Poof! A 3D Hello Panda appears.



But it tends to go to sleep. So you need to poke it to wake it up.



You can make it eat a bamboo shoot by poking its head, make it giggle by poking its belly and poke it a bit more for it to exclaim: "I love Singapore! Yay!



And it works on any Hello Panda logo detected.



Even from a picture on your laptop.


Wow. Cheap thrill.


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