Slang used by young Singaporeans: 1990s vs 2010s

10 years is all it takes for a generation gap to form.

Ashley Chin| October 30, 04:16 PM

15 to 20 years ago, when the Internet wasn't that pervasive, the slang terms used by teenagers were more or less passed down from their seniors in school.

Today, the Internet allows teenagers to consume media from everywhere. In turn, the culture and language of the online world has influenced the slang they use. They've added new words into their vocabulary that didn't exist before and these words replace others that were once in vogue.

Here's a comparison of a few situations in which the slang teenagers use has evolved from the 1990s to the 2010s:


1. When someone is trying too hard to be cool


2010s: step


2. When describing someone excelling at something


2010s:eyebrow game


3. Checking someone out intensely

1990s: beo charbor

2010s: eyerape

4. Pet names for your significant other

1990s: bee

2010s: bae


5. When you are frustrated at someone's lack of intelligence

1990s:wah lan eh

2010s: facepalm

facepalm 2



6. Responding to someone stating the painfully obvious

1990s: abuden

2010s: you dont say



7. When asking someone to stop doing something irritating

1990s: enough already



8. When coaxing your friends to do something scary for the first time

1990s: Singapore Universal Studios

2010s: yolo


9. When someone's dress sense is pretty outstanding

1990s: stylo

2010s: SONY DSC


So which era do you belong to? Are there words that you use then or now that is totally foreign to another group of people? Let us know in the comments!


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