Seat-hogging student's public complaint against Starbucks backfires, S'pore's Strawberry Generation told to shove it

Self-entitled Singaporeans, beware.

Belmont Lay| October 28, 04:58 PM

A student, Huixin Yap, posted a comment on Starbucks' Facebook on Oct. 26, 2014, complaining that a staff had moved belongings and cleared the drinks belonging to her and her friends after they left the CityLink Mall outlet for half an hour.


(Note: This post has since been deleted by Starbucks Singapore)

Instead of turning out to be a PR fiasco for Starbucks, people online who have had it with the self-entitled mentality of Singapore's Strawberry Generation, turned on the complainant.

They not only supported the action of the coffee chain's employees but took the opportunity to air the grievances that regular customers face when students in Singapore hog seats at cafes all day to study, depriving other paying customers of space.


And then there are those who demand Starbucks open a counselling centre:


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