Netizens piss on S'pore Sports Hub pitch with #YourPitchisSoSandy

That's some expensive sand you got there #YourPitchIsSoSandy

Tan Xing Qi| October 14, 12:25 PM

Snarky netizens from all walks of life, armed with a healthy dose of humour, started to poke fun of the pitch at the National Stadium. This after national footballer spoke his mind online and football experts said about the state of the pitch.

Here are some of the best bits.

Some resort to Disney magic.

One park to rule them all. 

Nice try.

Is milo one of the sponsors?

Even Spongebob loves the pitch.

  A lonely tree.

david luiz

Not bad. They won't go extinct.

True story.

The legitimate son.

Humps don't lie.


I see what you did there.



  So punny.

How about calling it a santhem?

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Come, I clap for you.

Family bonding is important.

Hard truth hurts.

Someone call the medic.

 A little help from our friends?


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