9 reasons why S’poreans are using Tinder

Me swipey swipey. You likey likey.

By Mothership | October 16, 2014

By Janice Lim

Many of us must have spotted people swiping at their phones.

MRT phones


No, it’s not that they are constantly trying to clean their phones. More Singaporeans are using Tinder, a dating app that allows you to choose who can talk to you by swiping left and right. It’s in the top 10 list of Lifestyle apps in Singapore’s iTunes store.

One may think that it’s only those who have no friends, are “undateable” or are simply horny to be on this app.

But there are those people who are surprisingly really normal on there as well. After using this app myself, I have realised there’s more to Tinder than it seems.

Here are 9 reasons Singaporeans are using Tinder:

1. NS boys that have no chance to meet any girls

When boys enter a phase in your life known as NS, the sight and interaction with the female species will decrease greatly. For hot-blooded young men, the need to interact with girls is really really really strong.

ah boys to men


Passed on from one NS boy to another, the solution to their agony has presented itself and that is TINDER.

2. Bored and looking to chat

i. No friends

ii. No friends to text

iii. Sick of texting old friends

iv. Addicted and need to text 24/7

v. Sometimes it feels more comfortable to talk to someone you don’t really know.

3. Bored, horny and looking to hook up

Because of raging hormones.

4. Trying to expose friends who are on Tinder

It’s just fun to see your friends’ embarrassed faces and use it to blackmail them. After a while, they will realise they can blackmail you too because you are also on Tinder and you just go: “Okay la, we just pretend we never see each other here okay?” Then continue swiping.

5. In need of an ego boost by matches and strangers who will compliment you freely

On some days, we just don’t feel beautiful (this does not apply to just girls). It’s okay to want to hear and reassure ourselves that we are physically attractive.

I feel pretty


6. Swiping left and right is addictive

dora swiper


Shut up, Dora you don’t know anything. Just let swiper and us be.

7. Looking to expand social circle

Singaporeans are known to be dao (unfriendly) in real life. However, we transform ourselves online, becoming the friendliest people ever and then arrange to go clubbing or cafe hopping together.

8. Homosexuals looking for other closeted homosexuals 

pink dot


Yes, thank god we have PinkDot but when society still doesn’t accept free love, many of us continue to hide that side of ourselves. When reality doesn’t work out, we go online and search for others that are similar to us.

9. Searching for a connection

Because no matter how hard we refuse to admit it, it’s just that sometimes we all have hope, a little hope that we too will be able to find something special, a connection with someone that we might otherwise not have the chance to meet in real life.


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