6 SAF Volunteer Corp vocations that sound too good to be true

If job description not accurate, can I defer service?

Tan Xing Qi | October 13, 2014 @ 10:38 pm

In case you missed it, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) announced the launch of the country’s first Volunteer Corps on Sunday.

The SAF Volunteer Corps (SAFVC) lets volunteers choose from 17 different types of vocations, depending on experience, and they can also choose to switch roles (what?!). Using stylo milo names like Auxiliary Security Trooper, Bridge Watchkeeper and C4 Expert, these roles have a nice Call of Duty ring to it.

But deep down, we have a fleeting feeling of false advertising. Here are six vocations that sound too good to be true.

1. Auxiliary Security Trooper

Job description:

Augment security operations in support of SAF events and functions, as well as other SAF-organised activities (e.g. National Day Parade, Open Houses). Assist with security operations at access control points of civilian key installations or SAF camps/bases.

What it sounds like: airport patrol


What it really means: Guard duty personnel who is on permanent prowling duties. Or you could be him: Guard duty


  2. Bridge Watchkeeper

Job description:

Assist navigational duties onboard Landing Ship Tanks.

What it sounds like: usa navy


What it really means: The watch. Just like the two guys onboard Titanic who saw that ice berg.

3. Deck Operator (Seamanship)

Job description:

Assist in deck operations onboard Fast Crafts.

What it sounds like:110128-N-0619M-123


What it really means: The guys who operate the ferry to Pulau Tekong. tekong ferry


  4. C4 Expert

Job description:

Support the planning of the use of radio communications, electromagnetic spectrum management and satellite communications. Share best commercial practices and technologies.

What it sounds like: hurt locker 2


What it really means: Sounds like a bomb expert but actually a glorified signaller. signaller


  5. Defence psychologist

Job Description:

Assist in the development and implementation of psychological defence capabilities, and provide psychological support in the SAF.

What it sounds like: Conversation with the psychologist


What it actually means: S1 clerk. clerk


  6. Infomedia staff

Job Description:

Plan information management strategy. Plan traditional and new media strategies.

What it sounds like: war reporter


What it really means: Another underpaid intern for Pioneer magazine. breaking news


 Click here to serve the nation. But only apply if you are:

– First-generation permanent residents and new citizens.

– aged between 18 and 45 and are not liable for NS.

Of course, women are welcomed too; The army doesn’t stereotype.


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