17-year-old JC girl gives Focus on the Family the tongue-lashing they deserve for their pathetic gender stereotypes

Sex education in schools these days is doing more harm than good.

Tan Xing Qi| October 07, 03:12 PM

Update Oct. 7 , 1045 pm: Focus on the Family claims gender stereotyping programme carried out in S’pore schools is derived from trusted experts

Dear parents of junior college-going children, this is the kind of rubbish that holier-than-thou organisation Focus on the Family is dishing out in the name of sex education in Singapore schools.

1. Portraying females as dunderheads



2. Educating males about female doublespeak



3. Doing the exact opposite for males



4. Educating boys that "gals", as Focus on the Family calls them, are emotional wrecks



5. Playing up more stereotypes of these "gals"



6. Playing up the insecurity of both genders



7. Announcing guys are slave to their hormones



And not as if young adults these days are going to take things lying down.

A 17-year-old junior college student, by the name of Agatha Tan, has decided to respond in the form of an open to her principal, Dr Hon, after sitting through a four-hour Ministry of Education-approved “It’s Uncomplicated” workshop by Focus on the Family.

The junior college she is from is presumably Hwa Chong Institution, based on the principal's surname.

This is Agatha's well-articulated open letter posted on Facebook:


Here's a point raised by Agatha that you cannot ignore:

"FotF would have you believe that guys are slaves to their hormones and therefore girls should take their unwanted attention in their stride. When a “scantily-clad” girl walks past, for instance, a guy is sure to take notice because “no man with a pulse could have done otherwise” (page 26). It is precisely this kind of attitude that makes mothers warn their daughters not to wear short skirts and walk along the street alone at night, instead of warning their sons to be decent human beings and keep their eyes to themselves instead of appraising the female form like they own it."


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