11 reasons why the stylo [email protected] is actually hipster heaven

Confirm bookgasm.

Tan Xing Qi| October 23, 06:35 PM

Hipsters, brace yourself for some serious bookgasms.

[email protected], located on the 3rd and 4th level of Orchard Gateway (that rather empty mall beside [email protected]), finally opened its doors this morning after a seven year absence in Singapore's prime shopping belt.

The two-storey library, which features stylo milo furniture, has a strong focus on design. The public can find more than 45,000 design-related books and 46 magazine titles - get this, hipsters - all new and exclusive to [email protected]

The previous [email protected] located in Ngee Ann City pulled down the shutters in 2007.

Here are 11 reasons why all self-respecting hipsters should visit the library pronto.


1. A library that greets you

library hello


2. You can book surf

lib waves


3. For the lone hipster

lib cone chair


4. Take in the light

lib windows


5. There's depth

lib depth


6. And there are that many magazine titles

lib magazines



7. It's like watching an art installation

lib art installation


8. Because hipsters like to share

lib share


9. It's a lifestyle

lib lifestyle


10. A courtyard for all hipsters to congregate

lib courtyard



11. And it's two storeys of hipster heaven

lib designs



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