Poet-playwright Alfian Sa'at points out the wisdom of MP Tin Pei Ling

This is classic.

Belmont Lay| September 29, 03:24 PM

Just as it seems the tide might be turning in Marine Parade MP Tin Pei Ling's favour, she capsizes her own boat.

Local poet-playwright, Alfian Sa'at, who likes to shed new light by taking things apart and putting them together again, has put up a Facebook post compiling a list that chronicles Tin's language prowess, platitudes and truisms.

For example, Tin -- in classic Tin Pei Ling fashion -- called a senior resident in her ward a "centurion" instead of "centenarian".

All this comes in the midst of a media blitz in recent months, where the mainstream media has been trying very hard to rehabilitate Tin's image. Since the run-up to the General Election 2011, Tin has been on the receiving end of taunts and insults after she committed a series of faux pas that continues to make it difficult to take her seriously.

She was recently granted a lengthy interview in the usually turgid Straits Times Supper Club section, where politicians and current news makers are invited to talk about nothing in particular and are rarely amusing.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong even went out of his way to praise Tin as the light of the world for MacPherson residents.

However, it appears some of that effort might have gone to waste.

Here is Alfian Sa'at's incisive breakdown of Tin's language use or misuse, pointlessness and platitudes:


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