Minister Tan Chuan Jin puts sports photojournalists to shame

Talk about a blow-by-blow account.

Tan Xing Qi | September 13, 2014 @ 06:19 pm

Earlier today, the Singapore netball team beat arch rivals Malaysia 46-39 to proceed to the final of the Mission Foods Asian Netball Championships.

But that’s hardly the biggest news.

Amongst the crowd was Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-jin, who is also the new president of the Singapore National Olympic Council.

With a new photography book to his name, the Manpower Minister played the role of sports photojournalist with aplomb and took Instagram by storm. Sports journos, watch out.


Caption: 6-3 now Singapore!!

Mothership’s take: Good start, Singapore.

Caption:11-7 #teamsg

Mothership’s take: There’s even a video. Power.



Caption: Our girls at first quarter! 15-11 #teamsg

Mothership’s take: Yes, c’mon girls!


Caption:17-12 #teamsg

Mothership’s take: #teamsg FTW!


Caption:19-15 #teamsg !

Mothership’s takeBlur, but the goal is clear: Beat Malaysia!


CaptionSitting around Malaysian supporters. Hebat lah #teamsg 22-15

Mothership’s take: Talk about behind enemy lines.


Caption: Aiyo. Can die. Losing voice. Go #teamsg go #singapore 25-18!

Mothership’s take: Honey lemon might help?

CJ8Caption:And that was number 32! 32-24 go Singapore

Mothership’s take: All the way!


Caption: That was no. 35. Go Singapore!

Mothership’s take: The match was apparently played at hyper speed.


Caption:37-26. 11 pt lead to #teamsg wah. Stress watching. No more voice!!!

Mothership’s take: Too late. Give the man some lozenges.


CaptionLast quarter!! 38-32! #teamsg

Mothership’s take: Yes, huddling does wonders.


CaptionTime out. Narrowing. Good fight back from Malaysia. Singapore 38-34

Mothership’s take: Squeaky bum time.


Caption: That is number 44! 44-37 #teamsg

Mothership’s take: Not a suay (unlucky) number at all.


Caption: 4mins left. 44-37! #teamsg

Mothership’s take: Tick tock. Tick tock.


Caption: Almost. 45-39. Last minute. Yes?

Mothership’s take: Hello, ref! Blow the whistle!


Caption: Aiyo. Can’t remember score. We won! #teamsg

Mothership’s take: Who cares? We won!


Caption: #TeamSG #TeamSingapore defeated Malaysia in semi-finals. Good fight by our opponents. Well done! Great game.

Mothership’s take: Huat ah, indeed.


Caption: @lawrencewongst 46-39!

Mothership’s take: Because you must tell the bro the good news.

Yes, he’s so good that even news media Channel NewsAsia  took his photo.

Top photo from here.

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