MDA and Minister Yaacob become film critics, piques S'poreans' interest by banning film

Film features interviews with exiled political activists; MDA says contents will undermine national security.

Tan Xing Qi| September 10, 04:45 PM

Media Development Authority (MDA) announced today that Tan Pin Pin's award-winning film To Singapore, With Love will be banned in Singapore.

MDA rated it "Not Allowed for All Ratings" because the contents of the film undermined national security.

To Singapore, With Love, a documentary, features interviews with exiled political activists who fled Singapore in the 60s and 70s.

MDA said on their website:

The individuals featured in the film gave the impression that they are being unfairly denied their right to return to Singapore. They were not forced to leave Singa­pore, nor are they being prevented from returning. The Government has made it clear that it would allow former CPM members to return to Singapore if they agree to be interviewed by the authorities on their past activities to resolve their cases. Criminal offences will have to be accounted for in accordance with the law.

In his Facebook post, Minister for Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim agreed and supported MDA's decision.

The banned film won Tan Pin Pin, who also directed Singapore GaGa, the best director in the Muhr Asia Africa Documentary section at the 10th Dubai International Film Festival. The film was also shown at Busan International Film Festival.

Here are some accolades found on the To Singapore, With Love website

“This moved me to tears. Every young Singaporean of my generation should see this, in fact all Singaporeans should see this. It’s a slice of our history that shouldn’t be forgotten, and hopefully properly acknowledged in the near future.” – Anthony Chen

“The only Singaporean film that truly deserves to be called a “must see”. A brave, intelligent, sensitive, heartbreaking and humbling work that left my head spinning” - Colin Goh

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