Hipster event Cafe Festival SG turns into a PR disaster

The irony? It's organised by a PR/event firm.

Tan Xing Qi| September 07, 01:41 PM

Hipster hell has been unleashed on the Cafe Festival SG Facebook page and there's no letting up.

People are really giving it to the event organiser, event and PR firm Tell Great Little Stories, for their poor planning and false promises.

The festival, touted as "World's first cafe-hopping street", features 12 cafes and coffee roasters - including Tiong Bahru Bakery, Jimmy Monkey and Toby's Estate took place yesterday (Sept. 6, 2014) and continues today at the Waterfront Promenade near Marina Bay Sands.

Let's take a look at the barrage of brickbats thrown at the organisers. They were mainly from VIP pass holders who paid $30 for this event.

VIP tents

According to the organisers:

First off, being a VIP is always amazing. The VIP area we're catering for is a sheltered tent where our VIP guests can get some shade from the sun. Trust us, with Singapore's weather, any shade would make a massive difference. VIPs can hang out in the VIP area and watch our live music acts while enjoying great food & beverage. The space in the VIP area is limited so we're operating on a first come, first served basis! We're very strict on who gets to enter so please ensure your friends and family coming with you are all VIPs, if not you'll be the only one in there and trust us, you'll have no second thoughts about leaving everyone behind! (:


One Eugene Lock wrote a note on Facebook:

VIP benefits

According to the organisers:

Everyone's welcome at the festival but only festival pass holders can purchase F&B from the 12 cafés. Also, festival pass holders get to enjoy festival prices at the event. These prices for F&B can go as much as 25% off regular priced items at their cafés. Not to mention the awesome freebies that come with it. We're really helping you save and get the best out of this event.


No discounts? No problem.

In a new Facebook post put up by the organisers last night, the organisers tried to placate the mob by saying:

To create more value for our pass holders, we've decided to increase the prices for non-pass holders. That value will be at least $2 to $3 more than pass holders

Erm, what?


Sorry really no cure now.

People are really pissed.


Open house?

Some are feeling lucky.

You've been warned.

Top photo from Cafe Festival SG Facebook page.

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