Use this super convenient IPPT Scorer website to calculate your 3-station score

It's the most intuitive way.

Belmont Lay | August 5, 2014 @ 12:23 am

While a lot of people are currently lamenting how much easier the three-station IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test) has become, the way to tabulate the total points scored to determine how well you did is anything but.

Currently, the only way to check how many points you’ve scored is using the traditional squint-at-small-numbers-on-a-paper method:


However, there is now a clever solution created by someone who only wants to be known as YC Tay:

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This is an IPPT points calculator called an IPPT Scorer where you can input all the variables and it will spit out your result.

In an email correspondence with its inventor, YC Tay, a self-taught programmer, who had previously spent some time working as a software architect at a local tech startup, this is what he had to say about what motivated him to come up with this IPPT score calculator in just a few hours:

When the score table of the new IPPT format first got leaked, I started looking up what’s the minimum I would have to do in order to pass. I first learned of the news (and score table) whilst on the train, and as you may recall, those leaked photos weren’t the easiest to look at. Further, because of the way the scoring system works (cumulative, with min 1 point each), one can actually “mix-and-match” to pass.

For example, if I wanted to take it easy, I can do a 14-minute run, 20 push-ups and 33 sit-ups to pass (51 points for 25 year old). Or if I’m good at running, I may want to do less push-ups and sit-ups and compensate that with a faster run.

Looking up the score table to determine the score for each changed parameter is tedious, and it’s frankly not that difficult to build a simple web app to automate the calculation (I’m familiar with AngularJS, a front-end JavaScript framework by Google). Anyway, when the official score table got released, I started work on it, building the bulk of it in a Friday night sprint (25 July, 11pm to 4am), applying some minor fixes afterwards. Most of the time was spent entering and checking the score sets.

I’ve considered adding some features, such as a link URL that changes based on the parameters you’ve entered (so that you can share it with friends), but since I’ve so far only shared it with my friends, there’s not much utility in that. Do let me know if you think it’d be a useful feature though. 😉

And if there are any mistakes in the scoring, readers can tweet its creator at @_yctay or email him at [email protected]


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