This is how sad S'pore National Day Parade songs sound when played in a minor key

Fact: Anthems sound cheery when played in major key but sad when played in minor.

Belmont Lay| August 03, 01:26 AM

With Singapore's 49th National Day less than a week away, what better way to kick start the celebrations than to listen to an interpretation of famous NDP songs from yesteryear played in a sad minor key:

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Someone uploaded this video on YouTube on July 31, 2014, showing a piano rendition of songs we all know but played as dirges as if someone died.

The most epic song?

You can fast forward all the way to 7:12 to get a sense of what ominous sounds like.

Here is a list of the songs in the mash-up:

0:03 - Count on Me Singapore (1986)

1:56 - One Singapore (Intro) (2013) "Wooh ohhh... Wooh oh ohhh"

2:14 - Reach out for the skies (2005)

3:29 - Stand up for Singapore (1984)

4:20 - Where I Belong (2001)

5:40 - We are Singapore (1987)

7:12 - We are Singapore - Variation

And this is the video poster's explanation accompanying the YouTube video:

I've decided to do a minor key version for each of the NDP songs that had resonated in every Singaporean's heart ever since we've been singing them in our primary school days. While bright, cheery and colourful the celebrations may be, there is also a sense of melancholy, loss of identity, belonging and togetherness that Singaporeans are still coming to grasp in a society with widening income gap and growing distance between different races and cultures. It shows that there's always different seasons and times, and each silver cloud may not bear a silver lining all the time. Music thus has to be a medium of unity, not disparity, in times of positive entropy. It has to produce feelings resonating with the deep emotions of the feeling public, not to fulfil the superficial desires and financial greed of a handful of elite individuals.


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