This cab is probably one of the best to hop onto in Singapore

If all taxis were like this one, there would be more smiles on the road.

Jonathan Lim| August 16, 07:28 PM reader Mike Lim shared this photograph of the interior of the taxi he took today:

Nice Taxi Uncle Singapore

The taxi belongs to a driver by the surname of Chee according to Lim. Customers are free to take the bottled water and sweets provided by Chee. 

Lim shared that he chatted with Chee throughout the ride.

According to Lim, Chee retired his mechanic gloves and became a taxi driver because as Singapore progressed into a replacement society, his job as a vehicle mechanic was made obsolete.

It would seem that no one repairs any thing any more. Now replacement is conflated with repairs.

Asked about the kinds of comments customers gave when they boarded his taxi, Chee shared that people have said many things. Some commended him, others said he was stupid to do so (giving free water and sweets).

Nevertheless, Lim commented that Chee's good service, and him going the extra mile providing water and sweets, did turn a bad day into a good one.

Well done, Uncle Chee!


Photograph courtesy of Mike Lim

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