16 pictures from 90s Singapore to make you curl up and cry

Nostalgia hits you hardest when you can still taste/feel/hear it.

By Jonathan Lim | August 11, 2014

You would probably have seen some of the pictures on this list.

But here’s one method to amplify the nostalgia factor – imagine the sounds, smells, feel, taste of the things you are about to see just like it were yesterday.

Here we go:



Let’s start off with something simple. Try to recall the sound of the transit-link machine when you just insert the transit-link card. Now recall the feeling of pushing the price level for your tickets (students used to pay $0.45 flat). And now try to recall the sound of the machine printing out your ticket.

Brings you back to simpler days doesn’t it? Bonus points if you can imagine yourself taking a bus to watch the lions play at the old National Stadium.



The loud roar of the bus engine gets louder the further back you sit. In fact, the first level back row get so hot that people would rather stand most of the time. Can you also recall how the warm wind hits your face as the bus speeds down the road?



Way before laptops and PowerPoint, this was the de facto class presentation tool. And if you were the AV rep, your sole responsibility in life was to wheel the OHP out from the back of the class.

Presentations were not awesome for left-handed people who would smudge ink all over the transparencies.



Arcades were awesome. Especially the one in Marina Square which had that water jet game.



The rush of speeding down the slides and the big splash (pun intended) at the end will be sorely missed. The slightly salty water won’t be missed much.



Before PETS textbooks came along we had the CDIS books. Do you remember how flimsy the paper felt? Erasers absolutely destroyed the books.



No longer available in Singapore legally, these things were super fun. I bet you can still remember how these sound when they pop the moment they hit the ground. Real hardcore kids would pop these in their hands.



Our own version of Mortal Kombat. Still remember how it feels like when the spiders scuttle around in your matchboxes?



As far as toys go, these weren’t really interactive. That didn’t stop us from being mesmerized by it for hours on end, figuring out different combinations of deploying the penguins as they go about their endless loop.



HARDEST GAME EVER CREATED. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who has successfully squirted all the rings into the poles. I remember a very sore right thumb from all the pressing.



Digimon was all the rage after Tamagotchi. I remember to get the coveted TeddyMon, you had to leave digital poop uncleared for a few days.



The Power Rangers were HUGE in the 90s. Every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. legions of kids who didn’t have to attend ECAs were glued to the TV. I’m sure most 90s kids know the theme song to the Power Rangers. It’s stuck in your head now and it won’t leave till tomorrow at least.



It was so bad that it was good. VR Man never did make sense, but he made an impression that lasted 16 years.



Growing Up is so nostalgic that people watched this show in 1996 to reminisce about the 60s to 80s and people in 2014 think of this show to reminisce about the 90s.

We all can agree that the series effectively ended when they killed off Mrs Tay.



You know you’ve hit the big-leagues in Primary School when you suddenly have to take social studies when you hit upper Primary. The awesome thing about social studies was that it was not an examinable subject back then. Too bad for our young ones now.



1990 was Singapore’s 25th year of independence. Did you have any appliances at home that had the 25th Anniversary logo? I recalled there were Philips televisions that came with the logo. That was a period in history where Singapore still mass produced appliances.


I’m sure there are many other nostalgic things we left out, leave a comment below and we’ll try to make a part two of this series. Or if you’re hankering for something from the 80s, let us know what you would like to see featured.

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