LTA's Thoughtful-Me campaign is just waiting to get trolled

Give the Internet the space for creativity and you'll surely draw some trolls

Jonathan Lim| June 20, 04:40 PM

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) just launched a new campaign aimed at improving commuters' travelling experience through graciousness.

Called Thoughtful-Me, you've probably seen some of the cute avatars at bus stops. Here's an example:


So with names like Move-In Martin and Give-Way Glenda, LTA hopes that these avatars can be embodied in commuters. As part of the campaign, LTA is running a contest for members of the public to create their on Thoughtful-Me avatar with prizes to be won.

You can customise the look of your avatar and are encouraged to name them after a social grace you would like to see on public transport.

Here are some entries from the members of the public:


So cute. Since this platform allows for some creative freedom, we think it's a matter of time before trolls start creating not-so-desirable avatars. believes that campaigns on graciousness should be encouraged and not trolled, so we took the liberty to semi-troll it instead:

Anyone else with better ideas?

Top photo from here.

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