6 free apps that are must-haves for World Cup 2014

It's free and you don't have to pay $112 for it

Jonathan Lim| June 12, 05:41 PM

Mobile phones are wonderful things. Just ask Larissa Riquelme. She became an overnight internet sensation during the 2010 World Cup because of how she uses her mobile phone:


But for the rest of football fans out there, we've got 6 free apps for you to enhance your viewing pleasure of the most beautiful game in the world. By that, I mean football.


1. Azumio Sleep Time

Singapore's ahead of Brazil by 11 hours and most of the matches happen between midnight and 9 a.m for us. So to wake up on time for the matches (who care's about waking up on time for work?), a good alarm app is a must-have. There's a plethora of such apps out there but Azumio Sleep Time (Apple, Android) apparently attempts to wake you up as naturally as possible in accordance to your sleep cycle. Translation: You can wake up without feeling like you've been hit in the face by a football.


2. ESPN FC Soccer and World Cup

If you missed any matches, ESPN FC (Apple, Android) is probably the app to turn to for post-game reports and analysis. It also has breaking news items so you'll know whether Brazil starts a riot during the World Cup.


3. Livescore

Livescore (Apple, Android) is the grand daddy of all football apps. It provides real-time updates of match scores for multiple matches across football leagues. This is most useful if they are stuck outside doing something else - like shopping with the girlfriend/wife. For the World Cup, with many matches happening between 6 a.m and 9 a.m, many of us will be on our way to school and work and this is the best app to find out the scores while on the bus or train.


4. Starting 11

Hardcore football fans will love Starting 11 (Apple, Android). One of the biggest question football fanatics have before every match is 'Who's playing?'. This app takes care of that, it will collate the starting line-ups for every team before the matches begin in real-time. And as a plus point, Starting 11 is actually made by Singaporeans.


5. The FIFA App

If you want the most comprehensive information on all the teams taking part in the World Cup, who better to approach than FIFA? The FIFA App (Apple, Android) provides world standings for each team as well as the latest tables standings, match timings and team profiles.


6. Onefootball Brasil

The Onefootball Brasil app (Apple, Android) is specially created for the 2014 World Cup. While many of its features are duplicated by the rest of the apps in this list, you should get this app for it's live text commentary updates. Perfect for those who can't watch the match on the TV screen.


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