Tourist family of 4 paid $1,186.20 for seafood at Forum Seafood Village Restaurant at Boat Quay

They had no idea they ordered a Alaskan king crab that cost $707.

By Belmont Lay | May 11, 2014

A Filipino family of four paid $1,186.20 for a seafood meal at Forum Seafood Village Restaurant at Boat Quay on April 26, The New Paper reported.

The chili Alaskan king crab alone cost $707, which is priced at $208 per kg.

The meal also included prawns ($49), a fish ($128 for 1kg), a plate of vegetables ($33), fried rice ($39) and four glasses of Singapore Sling drink ($39).

The family of four, consisting of parents and a pair of adult children, have since gone back to the Philippines.

It was their first time in Singapore.

Santiago Caaway, 54, the father, who teaches at a fine arts university in the Philippines, said the meal almost cost him his monthly salary of 60,000 pesos, or S$1,708 a month.

The family had wanted to try seafood in Singapore and was recommended to go to Boat Quay by the receptionist at the Traveller’s Inn hostel.

Caaway said they asked for crab with chili and did not specify what type of crab as they were expecting the regular mud crab.

They were initially shocked when the bill arrived at the end of the meal but paid up in the end.

A Forum Seafood spokesperson said the restaurant clearly states the prices and patrons know how much the dishes cost.

However, Forum Seafood Village restaurant has been in the news over the years for overcharging foreigners.

Previously, in June 2011, a seafood meal for two people at the restaurant came up to S$1,107.32, Today reported.

In this case, Forum Seafood Restaurant also said it was a case of lack of communication between the restaurant and diner.

Tourists have not taken too kindly to Forum Seafood Restaurant though. They have been posting negative comments about the eatery on TripAdvisor, a review site, to repeatedly pan their food and service over the years.

A Singapore Tourism Board spokesperson said it has received a small number of complaints against restaurants along Boat Quay.

STB also said they work closely with Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) and will refer consumers who require monetary redress to them.


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