9 unforgettable hairstyles S'porean guys swear by in the 90s

Actually it depends on what the barber can pull off.

Mothership| May 16, 09:31 AM

By Mervyn Lee

If you look into the mirror each time these days and feel like you are suffering from a bad hair day, it’s always good to take a breather and look back at some of the classic hairstyles from the 1990s.

Here are 10 different hairstyles from yesteryear that have left a lasting impression in our hearts.

And on our heads.


1. Bowl Cut




The bowl cut is the epitome of gender equality since both boys and girls were subjected to the same childhood atrocity. Many children had it courtesy of thrifty parents and their DIY home barbershops.


2. Flat-top




For some reason, everyone can remember having one friend who had this haircut.

Short, neat and so very flat you can balance balance books on his head.


3. Side-Parting




This is what happens when your parents comb your hair for you. The level of dorkiness is directly related to how flat your hair is combed. Some of you have combed your hair so flat you have developed your first signs of balding along that parting.


4. Center-Parting




Perhaps one of the most common hairstyles to have in secondary school back then, the center-parting was considered to be cool. And we have Aaron Kwok to thank for this abomination of a hairstyle.

Bonus Ah Beng points if you had one of those orange combs with the sharp ends.


5. Armani



The “Armani” hairstyle was perhaps as bad as the center-parting, if not worse. To create this look, flatten the top of your hair and leave only the fringe standing. Truly awful, yet it has garnered so much popularity back then. Gaudy.


6. Faux Hawk




One of David Beckham’s more iconic haircuts, many have attempted to recreate the fin, but only a handful managed to replicate a decent-looking faux hawk. What was supposed to look like the above image almost usually turns out looking like this:




Faux hawk? More like faux pas.


7. “Spiked” Hair




All guys are definitely familiar with this type of haircut. Even today. But back then in school, the bigger or more outrageous your spikes are, the more badass you are. The most common types of spiked hair were the shorter and neater ones though, probably an evolution of the flat-top.

Once in a while, you’ll see some weak attempts at liberty spikes because they wanted to look like “that guy from Good Charlotte”. (Does anybody remember Good Charlotte?) But they usually end up looking like this instead:




8. Long Fringe/ Mullet Combo



Sometimes incorrectly classified as the “Asian Emo”, this long fringe mullet combo was fairly common among guys after secondary school. Oh and butches, too.


9. The Currypok a.k.a. Pompadour




Named this way because it resembles the curry puff.




Retro as this hairstyle may be, it certainly puts meaning in the phrase “old is gold”. The pompadour has made a revival in the recent times, and seems to be the rage these days. Tasteful and classy, the modern pompadour is usually remixed with an undercut, upping the style factor.




Did I mention having tattoos and being very good-looking helps make your hairstyle nicer? Yup.


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