10 things you do which you thought were weird/disgusting, but you’re not alone

This is only for the courageous. Don't read if you are easily-offended or cannot appreciate toilet humour

Jonathan Lim |Martino Tan | May 22, 2014 @ 05:11 pm


Humans have been to the moon and created amazing things like the Internet and Wikipedia.

But there are still many mysteries of every day life that is not quite recorded – things that you do daily on a personal basis that you thought were weird or disgusting.

But the moment you find out that you’re not alone and more than half the planet is the same slob that you are, there is immense comfort.

Here are 10 things we know you do, and we feel you:


1. Smelling your dirty socks/clothes

Let’s start off with perhaps the least disturbing/weird of the lot. Sometimes you just want to know how a hard day’s worth of work smells like.


2. Taking off your shirt while having the epic poop of your life

Because shirts can be so constricting when you really need to focus on forcing something out.


3. Checking out your own poop

I suppose you don’t want to be caught unprepared if your doctor asks about your bowel movements. Isn’t it also satisfying when you see a long and solid one? Maybe it’s just me. Sorry.


4. Sitting on the ceramic part of the toilet bowl

This might be earth-shattering to some, but there are people out there who sit directly on the ceramic part of toilet bowl without lowering the seat. They have big butts I guess. Watch that splash back.


5. Sitting and peeing

When men wake up in the middle of the night to pee, they have three choices:

1) Switch on the light and burn our eyes while trying to aim properly;

2) Leave the lights off, spray and pray;

3) Just sit down and do the deed without drama.


6. Smelling your fingers after you dig your nose or scratch your armpit/crotch/butt

I really have no idea why we do it. But we HAVE TO.


7. Surveying the booger you dig out from your nose/ear/eye

So shiok especially if it’s a long, long piece that you dragged out by the head out of the nostril. The feeling is funky too isn’t it?


8. Then rolling it

Just so it can gain maximum air time when we flick it later.


9. And then the penultimate move… eating it. 

This one I don’t understand. I mean, you could just buy potato chips if you wanted something savoury. We could ask Germany’s 2010 World Cup manager Joachim Loew on this.


10. Tasting phlegm

Sometime it’s sweet and thick. Sometimes, if it was from the nose, it comes with bonus ‘ingredients’.


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