Plastic surgeon Woffles Wu gets 4-month suspension, goes on holiday to play squash

This much needed break should allow him to reflect on his actions. Yeah.

Belmont Lay | April 9, 2014 @ 07:16 pm


A nine-year-old case involving flamboyant plastic surgeon, Dr Woffles Wu, has concluded this week. Like about time.

Dr Wu was caught speeding, on September 11, 2005 and November 10, 2006, but allowed an 83-year-old man to claim he was driving the car instead on both occasions.

Two years ago, on June 12, 2012, Dr Wu eventually pleaded guilty in the Subordinate Courts to two charges under the Road Traffic Act of securing a scapegoat abetting another man into giving false information to the Traffic Police Department.

For lying to the police, he was given a net-worth-denting fine of $1,000 by The Subordinate Courts.


Disciplinary tribunal issues rebuke

On Feb. 21, this year, an inquiry was held by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) disciplinary tribunal against Dr Wu, following his conviction.

On April 7, 2014, the SMC issued a strongly-worded statement written with a lot of angst to rebuke Dr Wu to make him feel very, very bad.

The SMC’s disciplinary tribunal, in its scathing voice, said: “We find it completely incredible that the respondent committed the offence out of naivete and ignorance of the law”.

And what Dr Wu did, it inveighed, involved “dishonesty with some degree of premeditation, preparation and calculated to save his own skin. We cannot over-emphasise that every medical practitioner is expected to carry the hallmarks of integrity and honesty, whether in his professional or personal capacity.”

The tribunal also felt, rather sorely, that Dr Wu was not entirely remorseful. This was because he had admitted in a personal address to them during mitigation that he had not given a second thought to what he did.

He had also claimed that he believed it was a common practice to furnish false information to the Traffic Police for such offences. Oh, the rich.

Therefore, Dr Wu’s standing and seniority in the medical profession was an aggravating factor, the tribunal found.

As punishment, the SMC is suspending Dr Wu from practice for four months from March 24 to July 23 this year and he has said he will not be appealing the decision of the tribunal.

His clinic will have locums who will attend to his patients when he is gone…

… on holiday and he will be preparing for the World Masters Squash Championship in Hong Kong in July, he said.


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