National Gallery Singapore's new logo gets creative makeover online, turned into meme

The Internet is a creative space.

Belmont Lay| April 04, 06:04 PM

The National Gallery Singapore unveiled its new logo on April 2, 2014:



It is a minimalist logo consisting of two red blocks that resemble bar graphs.

It has been criticised for lacking creativity, being too unwieldy and looking like something that could have been created using MS Paint.

Due to its various shortcomings, within two days, the logo was turned into a meme by blogfather, Mr Brown, who has compiled some of his creations, as well as other user-generated ones on his blog.

Here's a preview of some of them:


A guy on his back:


The GE2011 results:


And in the spirit of meme-generation, here are some more by


Video game-inspired:


A reptile:


Podium finish:


Dreaded reality:


Test question:


And another video game:


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