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This is <em>Mothership</em>'s reply to some interview questions.

Mothership| April 11, 04:09 AM

To celebrate our success in meeting the deadline of filling up the Media Development Authority's registration forms by hand today, April 11, 2014, we will reward ourselves by responding to The Online Citizen's email queries on our own legitimate, soon-to-be-MDA-registered website.


1. TOC: The Mothership website indicates George Yeo as a contributor. But we have two separate accounts from the Mothership team that identifies him to be a founder. Exactly what is the nature of his relationship with Mothership, and what is his editorial influence? George Yeo does not have a specific role at Project Fisher-men, except as an informal advisor and supporter. He is a friend of Executive Director, Lien We King (pictured below, on the far left).

Due to his involvement at the initial start-up phase, he was wrongly identified as a founder for Project Fisher-men in the publicity materials.

Mr Yeo agreed to contribute as a writer from time to time but does not have editorial influence. Martino, Belmont and Jonathan are the editors of (And they are damn cool, as you can tell from the three guys on the right.)




2 TOC: Philip Yeo is also identified as a contributor, but we have not seen any articles from him. In what capacity is he contributing? Philip Yeo is not a contributor for He volunteers as the Chairman of Project Fisher-men Ltd.


3. TOC: Project Fisher-men has been identified as a social enterprise. By our understanding, that means that while it is not interested to reap a massive profit, it would still need to see some returns of investment. How is the Mothership team contributing to those ROIs, particularly for the past 7 months? We are not making any profits yet. But we are in talks with interested parties who are keen to collaborate with us and advertise for and with us. Kind of like how TOC operates.

But we will provide an update if necessary at the end of our first year in operation. If we're still around.


4. TOC: How does Mothership sustain the pay of the current staff hired? And it seem, there are even more to come? We rely on the investments of two private businessmen who are on the board of directors at Project Fisher-men Ltd. They are not affiliated to any local political parties and neither are our three editors.

Our aim is to ensure that becomes a viable and sustainable enterprise. Our seed funding will last us for about 1.5 years. But if there's hyperinflation, maybe 1 year.

Yes, we are hiring two more staff to help the core team. The core team is made up of four staff (not five, as your article indicated).


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