Model in SAFRA ad portraying her as a piece of meat says she doesn’t get what’s wrong with it

If a woman is okay with being objectified, what can people feeling indignant on her behalf do?

Belmont Lay | March 9, 2014 @ 02:45 pm


Okay, long story short: It all started with this Facebook post last Friday when a lady, Cindy Ng, wrote to SAFRA saying that she found their advertisement for their gym objectionable because it portrayed women poorly:



SAFRA, in an attempt to mitigate the negative feedback, tried to defend itself in its reply using the “tongue-in-cheek” defence…


… which enraged people even more.


And then things took another twist. The model in the ad, Fiona Teo, has since joined the fray and spoken out.

Her stand: She doesn’t understand what the fuss is all about.





And she hits out against the creeps at New Nation, Singapore’s only satire website:



So this raises some interesting questions, doesn’t it?

If people are feeling indignant on behalf of the model who is actually okay with being objectified, is there a term for this? Wasted Breath Syndrome?

Therefore, if a woman wants to be objectified, what can other people do or say? Throws up the age-old question that Annabel Chong posed years ago, no?

Regardless, here’s some other interesting info:


1. The model got paid $300 for her work.

2. SAFRA is re-shooting the ad.


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