9 English TV shows you secretly enjoyed as a kid in S’pore because no Internet

Back in those days, it was quite bad it was quite good.

Alden Tan | March 23, 2014 @ 07:55 pm

Remember back in the day when we had no internet and no YouTube?

When Mark Richmond, Darryl David, Robin Leong, Gurmit Singh and James Lye were on TV? And that was all we got?

Bam. Let’s go. All you 90s kids will get this.


1. VR Man


James freaking Lye! Thank you so much for this treasure. I’ve no words.


2. Shiver



Weekly horror stories. I thought the show was decent at the start. And then it went downhill after the novelty wore off.

Always Andrew Seow and Hossan Leong.


3. Growing Up


This was actually good! Especially during the two-parter when the mother died, then that young actor guy didn’t pass her some flower in time or something.

And that was like regret.

Andrew Seow was in it again. And there was Irin Gan.


4. Triple Nine


James freaking Lye again! And heavy-accent man, Robin Leong.

I’ve only one question. And Lim Yew Beng always felt kind of over-qualified for this show.


5. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Mark Van Cuylenburg


I only watched this a few times. This is what I remember:

The highest payout was $128,000.

One guy chose to walk away with $500. Several got knocked out before even before $1,000. I felt your pain Flying Dutchman.


6. Under One Roof


Moses Lim is Tan Ah Teck,

Koh Chieng Mun is Dolly,

Andrew Lim is Paul,

And Nicholas Lee is Ronnie.

Vernetta Lopez is, Denise,


Until near the end.


7. A bunch of Gurmit Singh shows


Nah, not just Phua Chu Kang. Remember Tonight with Gurmit and Gurmit’s World?


8. Happy Belly


A bunch of funny shit goes down in a restaurant called Happy Belly. Pretty decent too.


9. Gotcha! (when hosted by Moe Alkaff)


Erm yes. This is Moe Alkaff today.

When he hosted it, it was good ol’ fun, not the newer Just For Laughs Gags wannabe.


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