What I learnt from social media about Budget 2014 without watching DPM Tharman on TV

Step aside SPH and Mediacorp, I will learn about the Budget from my friends on social media.

Martino Tan| February 22, 03:58 AM

Many experts in the mainstream media called this year's Budget a "Seniors Budget", with its focus on senior citizens (Singapore's pioneer generation) and health care.

So what do you do if you know more about the Girls' Generation than our pioneer generation?

It probably means that you learnt more about the budget on Twitter yesterday than from the newspapaer pages today.

Which is also why TODAY newspaper made such an obvious observation that the hashtag #SGBudget was the number one trending topic on Twitter in Singapore last night.

So what did our young-Singaporeans-cum-social-media-addicts learn about the Budget yesterday?


1. They learnt how taxes can lead to behavioural changes.




Source: Twitter

2. But are realistic to know that old habits die hard.


Source: Twitter



3. They also appreciate that negative externalities occur due to policy changes.


Source: Twitter


4. They know the key focus of this year's budget.


Source: Mr Brown Twitter


5. They found out that grandpa and grandma must be real cool to help transform S'pore from third world to first.


Source: Mr Miyagi Twitter


6. They understand why they have to study economics in school.


Source: Twitter


7. They also appreciate a balanced budget.


Source: Twitter


8. They now realise our Finance Minister is a smart man. 



9. They also know that not all "experts" can express expert opinions.


Source: Business Times Twitter



This tax director expressed an opinion that was similar to a young girl (see point 3). 

Source: Twitter


10. They know the importance of work-life balance. Which means Friday pubbing takes precedence over a survey, even if the Manpower Minister asks you to.


Source: Tan Chuan-Jin Twitter

2 retweets in 17 hours. 


11. Finally, they realise that understanding national affairs can a cool thing.


Source: Twitter

Only when it is trending on Twitter.



Source: Twitter


Top photo screenshot from here.

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