Former NUS Law Dean Thio Su Mien writes open letter to PM, Health Minister on HPB Sexuality FAQ

Outrage alone is no longer enough, it has to be expressed with more oomph and seniority.

Belmont Lay| February 20, 05:15 PM

Note: Read also the open letter written by Adrianna Tan in response to Thio Su Mien's open letter.


Who is Thio Su Mien?

The 76-year-old is the former Dean of the Faculty of Law of the National University of Singapore and a Christian who also calls herself "Feminist Mentor".

In 2009, she admitted to playing a key role in the leadership change of AWARE -- a gender equality advocacy group -- after becoming "disturbed" by what she felt was Aware's promotion of lesbianism and homosexuality.

Her strong views against homosexuality can be traced back to 2003 in a letter sent to The Straits Times, in response to a speech by the then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong in which he mentioned that the Civil Service would not discriminate against employing homosexual individuals.


Why is she writing an open letter now?

The recent controversy pertaining to the Health Promotion Board Sexuality FAQ posted on its website has prompted a backlash from self-identified Christian leaders in Singapore, one of them being Pastor Lawrence Khong from Faith Community Baptist Church.

Thio has weighed in on this issue with an open letter of her own addressed to the Ministry of Health and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.



This open letter was originally found here

Read the response to this open letter here.


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