Exhibit that packed the most heat at S'pore Airshow 2014: A pair of locally-made combat rifles

These got gun enthusiasts, also known as <em>Battlefield</em> gamers, swollen and moist.

Belmont Lay| February 23, 06:15 PM

What: Two new futuristic-looking 5.56mm combat rifles, the BMCR (Bullpup Multirole Combat Rifle) and CMCR (Conventional Multirole Combat Rifle), have been developed by the weapons labs of Singapore Technologies Kinetics.

They were on display at the recent Singapore Airshow 2014 last week.

The BMCR (left) resembles the SAR-21 weapon a lot of Singaporean sons are familiar with and it is designed to be the shortest bullpup-design in the world at about 75cm long.

How: The BMCR (left) is designed to be small and handled easily by the soldier in tight urban spaces.

It is designed to be fully ambidextrous (for left and right handed soldiers) and ejects spent cartridges from the right hand side of the weapon. No deflector is needed for left-handed users as the hot bullet casings are ejected away from the firer's face towards the front of the rifle.

This is also to prevent the spent casings from falling at the feet of the firer.

There are firing selectors on both sides of the weapon and a magazine catch that provides easy accessibility to both left and right-handed users.

The CMCR (right) has a buttstock design that allows the rifle to be adjusted for compactness.

Read more about both weapons specifications here.

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