4 ways to take advantage of SingTel's WhatsApp plan

Whatsapp, Singtel? SMS business not doing well?

Tan Xing Qi| February 27, 08:53 AM

Before you can say SMLJ (Some Messaging Lame Joke), SingTel has announced the WhatsApp Addon pass.

In what is a masterstroke by SingTel, for a really really low price of $6.42 per month, you enjoy the best of what WhatsApp has to offer – namely instant messaging without tapping on your precious monthly data plan.

We’re not sure about you but last we checked, Facebook consumes a lot more data than WhatsApp – here’s a ballpark figure: say 1000 times more. Oh shoot, we hope we didn’t just give another bad idea.

Like many wise men said: “Change is the only constant.” And the last we looked into the mirror, Singaporeans are pretty adaptable (what with all the breakdowns and stuff). So here you go, four ways to maximise the SingTel WhatsApp Addon pass.


1. Taking pictures that are representative of what you are implying

It is simply not cool and economical to just reply with a ‘k’ or emoticons. Trust us, taking pictures representative of what you are saying is in vogue. So the next time you want to reply with a “k’, try using these:

thumbs 3 thumbs1 thumbs2

 Without saying, replication of emoticons is highly encouraged too.


2. Do the walkie talkie

walkietalkieJudging by the way we are using WhatsApp, we really need to crack the whip. It’s time to work WhatsApp by turning it into a full time walkie talkie app. Want to sing a love song to your partner? Sure. How about a lullaby for your kid? Why not?  An audio message is also way better than sending sexts. Heck, why not go all the way? Start sending audio messages rather than using our precious talk time (Is this another bad idea from us?).


3. Tell everyone your location


WeChat encourages extra marital affairs? Fret not, WhatsApp is here baby. To prevent cheating spouses, force them to turn on their location services and report “strength” and location on WhatsApp every five minutes. WhatsApp – saving marriages since SingTel.


4. Create whatsapp group chats solely for picture sharing


Forget about Dropbox. WhatsApp is here to revolutionise the way you look at cloud-based storage. Simply create a chat group with your friends and share the pictures you love, such as screenshots of your WhatsApp messages and pictures of grumpy cats. Even large movie files. No password, no gimmick.


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